Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Real Estate

Useful Information

How can I determine the value of my property?

There are two ways to determine the value of your property:


  • Request an online assessment of your home.
  • Request an assessment of your property from our experienced real estate consultants in your region. Simply get in touch with us to arrange a visit. Both services are free and non-binding for you.

What factors influence the value of my home when selling?

There are many factors that influence the market price of a home. These include:


  • Location of the property
  • Living area and plot size
  • Construction date and condition both inside and outside
  • Property amenities (e.g., number of bedrooms, presence of a pool, basement, terrace, or rooftop solarium, sea view, distance from the beach, availability of a garage or parking, etc.)
  • Supply and demand in the local real estate market
  • Architectural style of the building (facades or decorated columns can further increase demand and therefore increase the property’s value)
What factors are considered in the online property assessment?

Spain Realty Group’s online assessment is based on the most important factors that influence the value of a home:


  • Type of property – is it a single-family or duplex home, or a condominium?
  • Living area and plot size
  • Year of construction
  • Property condition
  • Orientation – sunny side is preferred
  • Region of your property
  • Municipality area, where your property is located
How Accurate is the Online Property Assessment?

The online property assessment is perfectly suited for owners to get an initial price for their property. All you need to do is enter specific basic information, such as location and property type, into a dedicated form. We analyze this data and compare it with comparable properties on the local market. Based on this, we calculate a range of market value for your property. Therefore, the value provided in our online assessment represents the average value of properties in your region.

How Can I Increase the Value of My Property?

There are several measures to increase the value of your property before selling:


  • Renovations that aesthetically enhance the property’s appearance (e.g., wallpapers, carpet placement, exterior facade repairs, etc.). It’s always easier to find a buyer if the property is in good condition.
  • Energy-related repair measures (e.g., installing new windows, heating systems, etc.). The more modern and energy-efficient the property, the higher its value.
  • Create additional living space: convert the attic or create living space in the basement. Special rooms such as a studio, home theater, gym are not only exclusive but also key selling points for potential buyers.
  • Install a security system: invest in security against intruders, alarm systems, light sensors, or their equivalents.
  • Create more open spaces: widen passages in the house, remove unnecessary walls, or install a stair lift. This helps attract more potential buyers and increases the property’s price.
How Does a Real Estate Consultant Assess My Property?

A real estate consultant has various methods to determine the value of your home. Typically, three approaches are distinguished:


  • The sales comparison approach is usually used for residential properties where there are similar properties on the market. Similar, in this case, means different types of properties that are alike in terms of location, characteristics, size, and design. The real estate consultant checks the prices that such comparable properties have reached.
  • The cost approach is used for residential properties for which there is very little or no comparable property on the market. This approach involves calculating how much it would cost to build the property being assessed. Property valuation is determined by subtracting accrued depreciation.
  • The income approach is applied if the property is rented out or used for commercial purposes. It involves calculating how much income can be expected from the property over a certain period of time. For this reason, this approach is of special interest for properties that are intended for capital investment.

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